Two Good Eggs

Two cracked eggs find the sunnyside (and funny side) of trying to conceive

This is Supposed to be Fun?

on September 6, 2012
Step right up, step right up. Women of all ages. Come inside, come inside.
Before you lies a fantastical fun house. Step right up! 
The Trying to Conceive (TTC) journey is essentially the equivalent of being trapped in one of those creepy, “fun” houses at a county fair,  in the middle of nowhere, all alone. The man at the entrance could use a good shave, but you take his hand anyway as he leads you inside. “Good luck, ma’am. It’s not as easy as you think.” Hah! You roll your eyes, and no sooner the man has vanished.
In the beginning, it’s exciting. “I bet I can get out of here on my first try.” You’re unbreakable and ambitious. Then you approach a maze of mirrors. “A little tricky, but I’ll just go this way. It feels right.” You follow your instincts because they have never let you down.
You look ahead and fixate on a giant swirling disc, entranced.  “I can do this. I’m getting tired, but I think i can do this.” Your patience wears thin as the hallways narrow. “Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Hello? Anyone there?” The echo returns and you stomp a foot. “This is not funny anymore, you guys,” you call out into the hollow corridor. No one responds.
“How in the hell did everyone else get out of here?” The floor begins to undulate and you lose your footing. Feeling defeated, you consider turning around.  “Where would I go? The exit must be this way.” You grasp for the rails and jump forward into the revolving “tunnel of love.” You smile because it reminds you of Sandy and Danny from Grease. A glimmer of hope appears in your eye, and although you still haven’t made it, the obstacle seems more manageable. “You’re the one that I want. Doo wadda wadda wadda hoo hoo hoo, honey!”
Now, there are arrows. Direction! The exit appears backlit by a single ray of sunshine. “Ha! Told ya I could do it!” You emerge victorious, bruised and fatigued, but successful nonetheless. “So it took a little while,” you say with a shrug to the man with the cotton candy. “But I bet I could do it again if I had to!” You grab two handfuls of the pink and blue confection and skip away. “The one that I want. Doo wadda wadda wadda hoo hoo HOO!”
 Was the journey what you were expecting? Probably not. Was it worth it as you skipped away beaming, “cotton candy” in hand? I’d like to think so. So buckle up, ladies (and drop your panties)!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we’ll be sure you laugh along the way! 

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