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I see pregnant people.

on September 11, 2012

When I bought my car, I picked a color that I loved and believed to be fairly uncommon.  The next day, the only cars I could see on the road where the same color as mine.

When I had my first (and only) child, we painfully poured over name books, web sites, even movie credits in search of the perfect name for our little guy.   A name that was unique, but not too trendy.  Cute, but one he could put on a resume later.  One we didn’t hear every day, and would allow him to go by his first name – not his first name and last initial, to distinguish him from the other 6 boys in his class with the same name.  The week we brought him home, our two favorite TV shows introduced characters by this name.  I took him to the pediatrician the next week and heard the nurse call for “oh – sorry, the other Junior*”.  Seriously? (*name changed)

It’s the same way when you’re TTC.   Lately, it seems I can’t turn a corner without running into someone’s belly.    Last week, I went to the four-stall bathroom on my hallway at work.  The first three stalls were occupied.  After finishing my bidness, I walked to the sink – passing three now empty stalls – only to find three pregnant women comparing due dates, belly sizes, gender predictions and gas pains.  I may or may not have left without washing my hands.

What’s that saying about being stranded at sea?  Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.   For me it’s “Babies, Babies everywhere, and not one inside of me.”

It’s really easy to get caught up in what you don’t have, or what could have been.

If only I’d gotten pregnant when I planned, I’d be as far along as she is. 

If only I had gone off birth control sooner, I’d be her age when my baby was born. 

My plan was to have a sibling for my only child before he turned 4, why hasn’t this happened? 

Why did she get pregnant on the first try, when I’ve been trying for a year?

Why why why?

I wish I could say that I was more rational and understanding than that.  I’m not.  I cross my arms and storm in the opposite direction sometimes.  I intentionally avoid aisles at the grocery store if there’s a protruding belly button in sight.  I spend countless hours scanning web sites with my secret decoder ring in an effort to unlock the fertility code.  Occasionally, I’ll remind myself that instead of focusing on what isn’t making me happy, maybe I should focus on what is.

  1. A loving husband who humors and (mostly) accepts my idiosyncrasies and borderline obsessive behaviors.
  2. A beautiful and insanely funny rising 4-year old who brings more joy to my life than I ever imagined.
  3. A supportive family who, although not currently aware of our struggles TTC, would be there in a minute with a casserole and a handmade quilt to make me feel better.
  4. A network of friends (near and far) who laugh with me (and at me) and help me laugh at myself.
  5. An amazing job at one of the best places to work in the world.

So, today, if only for a few minutes, I’m going to try to focus on the happiness I do have.  And I’m going to go help myself to the company-supplied snacks in the breakroom while I mull it over.  Don’t judge me if I give a little nudge to the pregnant woman hogging all the chocolate Teddy Grahams and blocking the Diet Coke dispenser with her belly.  Hey… I’m only human.


18 responses to “I see pregnant people.

  1. 1suburbanchic says:

    I can totally relate, thanks for my laugh of the morning!

    • Scrambled says:

      Thanks for reading! Glad I could make you giggle. I swear it’s the truth.

      • 1suburbanchic says:

        Oh sheesh, it’s like the attack of the pregnant ladies.. the same on my end! Everywhere I go I see baby bumps! Its ok, our time will come soon!

      • Scrambled says:

        haha! Close Encounters of the Pregnant Kind! Part of me wants to run the other way, and another part of me wants to drink out of the cup they’re carrying. Clearly they’re drinking different water than I am! 🙂

  2. Connie says:

    I had the same issue. I tried for three years after my son to get pregnant which resulted in three losses, one being a molar pregnancy after fertility treatment. I found myself 41 years old and still not pregnant. I decided to stop the fertility treatments and looked for a more natural approach. I tried Fertilaid and within 3 months I was pregnant. I am now 22 weeks and pregnant with a little girl. Maybe something to consider? It helped me so much. Good luck.

    • Scrambled says:

      Thanks for reading! Congrats on your pregnancy! I will check into Fertilaid. We haven’t tried anything yet, other than just giving it the good ole’ college try, and talking to docs about our options. We’re still weighing things out – and I welcome any suggestions! Good luck to you, and hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! Keep us posted on how things are going, please!! 🙂

      • Connie says:

        Thank you for the congrats even though I know that is a hard thing to do. I myself hated every pregnant belly that passed the last three years. I still find myself not liking pregnant bellies even though I am pregnant. I guess the jealous feelings take a while to go away. However, if you try Fertilaid and have ANY questions about it, please feel free to contact me. I did a lot of research about the supplement, took it, and now experienced with how it affects the body (which is not a bad thing compare to fertility drugs). Good luck again with your journey and remember to never give up!

    • SunnySide says:

      Connie, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for the advice. I’m going to look into Fertilaid as well. I started acupuncture a month ago and I’m loving the outcome so far, even though there’s no little bean yet 🙂 wishing you a relaxing, healthy, and happy third trimester! Keep us posted!

  3. Scrambled says:

    Hey Connie – I read online that Fertilaid is not recommended if you already have regular cycles. Most reviewers said that it was miraculous for those who have irregular ovulation cycles, but that it screwed with those who were regular. What was your experience?

    • Connie says:

      Hi Scrambled,

      Actually Fertilaid is recommended for all cycle types. I had a cycle every 30 days. Like I said, I did a lot of research and what I have figured out is that in order to get pregnant, your hormones have to be in perfect sync with each other. When I was seeing a RE, he would say that this hormone was off, take this medication or that hormone is off, take another medication. I got tired of it all after a while, and all it did was get me pregnant with a molar pregnancy. The doctors argued that the fertility meds was not the cause but I tend to believe differently. So I wanted a natural way to get my hormones back to normal.

      After I had my son 4 years ago, my cycle went from a four day bleed to a two. But even though it was short, I was still have them every 30 days. When I looked into Fertilaid, I read the same thing about how this supplement messed up cycles. I was a little nervous but started taking them anyway. I was already on CD10 but according to Fertilaid, you can start taking right away. Two weeks later, I started to spot brown and red (sorry TMI) and the next day I had a full bleed. I had another 2 day period two weeks after already having a period. That concerned me but I decided to continue taking the Fertilaid and do more research. The research I read was that Fertilaid “resets” the body and prepares it for pregnancy. So what it was doing was resetting me. It was getting my hormones back to normal and preparing my lining for ovulation.

      Now during that time I was checking to see if I was going to ovulate because I read of some women who complained that Fertilaid caused them not to ovulate. After having my second 2 day period in a month, the next period that came was on CD26. With this period I had a FOUR day period! I was so excited! But during the time between my second two day period and CD26 I indeed did not ovulate. BUT after my CD 26 cycle, on CD14, I did ovulate and it was such a strong ovulation like I had in my 20s. You know the type of ovulation with the EWCM and the cramping. Well that ovulation did it because two weeks later, I got my BFP.

      Fertilaid recommends that you give your body time to adjust…. and do it’s thing to prepare for pregnancy. A lot of women freak out when they spot to early, bleed to early or see there is no ovulation in the beginning and they stop taking the supplement. Then they report that it didn’t work for them. If you take it religiously, three times a day and continue taking it until you detect an ovulation, then you have a great chance for it to work for you. Stopping and going with the supplement will not help.

      I hope I helped. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • Connie says:

        Also, I recommend the men’s version too. I had my husband on it even though my RE said my hubby was fine in that department. But what could it hurt? Do the research on Fertilaid for men and see what it can do for them.

  4. Connie says:

  5. Thanks, Connie, for all the info! We will check into it, and the men’s version! And can’t wait to check out your blog!

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  7. Just found your blog and I really needed this today. I feel like EVERYONE around me is pregnant and I am not. We aren’t very fun in but I read things and get scared because I am 31 and they make me feel old!

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