Two Good Eggs

Two cracked eggs find the sunnyside (and funny side) of trying to conceive

Book Recommendation! “Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?”

on September 12, 2012

Are you a “need to know” kind of person?

Would you classify yourself as nerdy?

Do you love to rattle off random facts at dinner parties?

Yes? Read this book. No? Read it anyway 🙂

I HIGHLY recommend this book to any woman thinking about, trying to become, currently or formerly pregnant. In fact, men should crack it open, too. It is chock full of great, science-based information regarding conception and pregnancy. The author has a witty sense of humor that lightens the well-researched content load, and makes it a perfect book for both the casual and avid reader. I learned more from this book than any three combined “must reads” on the pregnancy lists. Enjoy! Here is the author’s website as well:

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