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Two cracked eggs find the sunnyside (and funny side) of trying to conceive

A Surprising Cyber Sisterhood

on September 15, 2012

“Married *coughcough-year-old* seeking a chick who is on the verge of pulling her hair out, has a tendency to POAS several times a day, and just wants to get pregnant already!” 

As women, we are well aware of the difficulties finding and keeping good friends as compared to men; and when you’re TTC it’s even more challenging. It’s a bummer, too; but, it’s not all that surprising – with gossip, cattiness, competition and envy.  Not surprising, though certainly disappointing.

But, have faith! Some of the best “eggs” are found where we’d least expect them!

Scrambled and I met online, in a faceless forum and states away from one another. At the time we met, we only knew we had one thing in common – we were feverishly trying to conceive without any luck and shared similar frustrations. With the click of a mouse and a quick “hey-how-ya-doin’?”, a friendship was born.

It was a fast-paced, whirlwind connection that led to this blog within a matter of days.  Yes, seriously.

Here’s a little peek into how it all got started:

Aug 28, 2012 – message board inbox

Hi there –

I just wanted to send you a private note and say hi.  Seems like you and I have very similar cycles and frustrations.  My hubby and I have been TTC number 2 since October 😦  Baby 1 was not nearly as tricky as this one has turned out to be. Hang in there, and good luck keeping your mind occupied 🙂

-Scrambled (S)


Hey Scrambled! How have you been? I agree we definitely have some unfortunate similarities…boo!! I’ve been a little more relaxed this cycle, but I feel the crazies seeping in. Haha! I tried to put some faith in my acupuncturist to take the pressure off of myself, and I think that rationale worked here and there, but now I’m so anxious for a BFP (that sticks!!) the pressure is building again. The due date of my miscarriage would’ve been 10/28 and I’m praying I’m pregnant by then. I have several friends who successfully conceived when I did and they’re all due within a week of when I would have been. I imagine it will be challenging for me to get through that month without a baby on the way. None of them know about my situation bc I didn’t want to bring them down during such a celebratory time, ya know? Enough of my rambling! Your turn 🙂 …and thanks for reaching out to me! -SunnySide (SS)


And then we started to click!  Our senses of humor were eerily similar, and we quickly filled for each other a void that no one else could fill.  Sympathy and empathy, swaddled in humility and humor.

SS: Look, if so many darn girls keep getting BFPs, and I mean that lovingly, why can’t we? 🙂 keep that positive energy running through your system! I need to go find a Chik Fil-A. I’m freakin starving! Ttys! 🙂


S: LOVE me some CFA!  I feel sorry for people who don’t have CFA or Bojangles in their states.  Do you have Bojangles?


SS: This may sound school girl crazy, but I love chatting with you!! writing is something I really love, regardless of the topic. Oh yeah, Bojangles is awesome too!! We’ve got em!


S: Totally doesn’t sound crazy – it’s fun to chat with someone who can relate! I’m loving it!  😀  I have tons of girlfriends who have families and can support me, but they’re all done with their baby-making, and I get a lot of the “there-there, it’ll happen” conversations.  Bah.  😉 Bojangles = heaven.  They have THE best sweet tea.  I may have to get some on the way home.  Thanks a lot!  😉 Dude – you’re a writer?  I’m a writer!


SS: We should co-author a TTC/ mom blog! Just throwing it out there 🙂 it would be entertaining, to us at least, haha!


S: I’d be ALL ABOUT co-authoring a blog! For real.  I have a ton of funny anecdotes from my pregnancy with my son, and with TTC baby 2 for the past year.  And we have very similar experiences.   It would be fun to explore, at any rate… and it would at least occupy our crazy message board/chart stalker tendencies 🙂


SS: So… sidebar:  My friend walked into my bathroom and asked why I had taken twenty pregnancy tests so early. They’re OPKs I forgot to throw away…whoops! This blog has me pumped! I’m wired right now. I need a Xanax. Or wine. Or both.


S: I vote for both.  Drink til it’s pink!  haha!  Btw: it drives me bonkers when people fill their message board posts with all the icons for having sex. If I see another little yellow smiley humping another one, I will lose my shit.

Since so many of us feel the need to keep the TTC process private, it’s understandable why we turn to strangers, but why do some instantly feel compelled to share errrrrrthing about their experience (ie., I don’t need to know about the shape of their vajajay).


As silly as these conversations seem here out of context, it’s the start of something pretty amazing.  We are so lucky to have found another good egg to help us deal with our journey.   It’s not every day you meet the yin to your yang.

We are so excited to have started this blog so soon after we “met” – because now we can share all of our shenanigans with you, and you can watch this sisterhood grow along with us (and hopefully, along with our bellies).

We’re looking forward to meeting a few more good eggs along the way! We need a dozen, right? 🙂


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