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Wow… do you have a medical degree for that advice?

on September 17, 2012

Sunnyside recently wrote about our surprising cyber sisterhood.  Now, you can see why we’re friends.


7 responses to “Wow… do you have a medical degree for that advice?

  1. ivfmale says:

    You know they are only saying these words because they care. Still it’s hard to control the smack upside the head reflex when they talk like this. Some friends of ours still don’t understand why it couldn’t happen naturally for us. I finally just said, “I have a better chance of winning the lottery 3 times in one year than I do getting a woman pregnant.”

  2. Scrambled says:

    Exactly! I know they mean well, but they just don’t think before it comes out. It’s like they assume fertility is a given, and that we’re just doing it wrong. It’s not that easy. I hope you get good news today!

  3. Georgette says:

    One good friend (newly wed, for the second time, with a daughter from #1) called me literally crowing, “I don’t know how YOUR babymaking is going, but WE just got pregnant on the FIRST NIGHT OF OUR HONEYMOON!”
    A lady at my office asked me if I was sure I wanted to have a kid– after all, I couldn’t just enjoy life the same way any more.

    I swear I was ready to throttle them both. I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

    • SunnySide says:

      That was so thoughtful of her to mention your trying to get pregnant before announcing her success (steeped in sarcasm.) What a beeothcy thing to say! People never cease to amaze me… Don’t you wish we could respond with what’s really on our minds without feeling guilty? I sure do! But I’m too much of a wuss 😉 thanks for sharing with us…we’re here for you!

  4. Scrambled says:

    OMG! People are such clueballs! I want to invent a shock device that buzzes anyone who makes such ignorant statements! Glad we can all laugh about it (and them) together 🙂

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