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The “Best” Advice – to get pregnant you just have to….

on September 19, 2012

We have heard some doozies! Here’s a little compilation of some of the sage advice Scrambled and I have received:

To get pregnant, all you have to do is:

  • Relax
  • Just have sex all the time (thanks, Einstein)
  • Do it every other day
  • Only do it when you’re fertile to save the good sperm
  • Take Prenatal vitamins
  • Raise your hips after sex
  • Get drunk and F—
  • Stop thinking about it
  • Ask your Grandmother how she did it
  • Stop taking birth control
  • Stay on birth control. (Birth control babies are cool, too. “Hi!”)
  • Do it in the morning
  • Don’t consume soft serve ice cream, lunch meat, Splenda, or sushi
  • Don’t drink caffeine
  • Wish upon a f -n star
  • Take your temperature everyday like a lab rat
  • Drink the same water pregnant women drink
  • Read [insert title of latest How To Get Pregnant Book here]
  • Talk to [insert name of the one girl everyone knows who got pregnant late in life].  She clearly has ALL the answers.
  • Just “stop trying” – it’ll happen when you least expect it!
  • Sell all of your baby gear from Baby 1.  Murphy’s Law – you’ll get pregnant.
  • Just pray!  It’ll happen in God’s time!
  • Just change your diet!
  • Exercise!

What “brilliant” advice have you been given? I know there are some good ones out there!

3 responses to “The “Best” Advice – to get pregnant you just have to….

  1. ivfmale says:

    We just got the diet and excersize advice. I want to know why I can’t count sex as excersize.

  2. Scrambled says:

    I totally think you should. And, for good measure, reply with Sunnyside’s “fork” advice 😀

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