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Financial assistance resources for IVF

on October 12, 2012

Sunnyside and I were both faced with the reality of IVF within days of each other.  Sunnyside is currently on the researching and consultation side (with some glimmer of hope that they may be able to still knock this out the old-fashioned way), while I am about to embark on Round 1 of our IVF treatment.

One place where our journeys converge is on the financial research path.  I have amazing insurance that does offer some IVF coverage, but there were a couple of weeks where we thought we were going to have to pay anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000 out of pocket for genetic testing that wasn’t covered under our policy.  And, this doesn’t include the $400/month for meds I will have to pay after insurance covers their portion.  Meanwhile,  Sunnyside doesn’t have IVF coverage in her healthcare plan, and is facing even larger medical bills.  And even larger Rx bills.

As a result, we’ve both been doing some research on financing options and came across a link that may be useful to some of you.

The folks over at have compiled a list of organizations that may offer various levels of financial assistance, depending on your situation.

There are programs for:

  • Achieving Pregnancy (IVF grants, shared cost programs for 2nd rounds, low insurance coverage, etc)
  • Fertility Medications (patient assistance programs, coupon sites, rebates, etc)
  • Fertility Preservation (for folks who can’t afford to freeze their embryos)
  • Overall financing options
  • Shared risk programs (where you share the cost with your doctor!)
  • And more.

Good luck!  We hope you find a way to achieve your dream!

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