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Tell me what to blog about during my TWW

on October 31, 2012

Many of us are all to familiar with the Two Week Wait.

I’ve been out of contention for the TWW for a few months as we tried to iron out our next steps re: treatment.  As of Monday, I’m sperminated via IUI.  I didn’t think about entering into another TWW after the IUI was completed.

For the first time in a couple of months, I don’t have multiple doctor visits per week.  I have to sit quietly and stick to my knitting for the next 14 days.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

And, I can’t partake in my usual TWW past-time – POAS every day from 8DPO – because I’ll get false positives due to the Ovidrel in my system.  Dammit!

So, I turn to you – loyal followers – to help me pass my days.  Want me to take a picture of a dog pushing a mouse in a shopping cart?  Want me to blog about how I lost my first tooth in kindergarten?  Want to see me planking?

Give me some topics and I’ll do a TWW-a-day blog post, based solely on what you request.

Hit me!

2 responses to “Tell me what to blog about during my TWW

  1. ivfmale says:

    I want to see some breading memes. 🙂

  2. Scrambled says:

    haha – ok… do you mean BREEDING memes, or BREADING memes? Cuz I can do both. haha 🙂

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