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The Childfree Buy Baby Stuff, Too! Keekoo Review

First of all, let me preface this review. I understand this is a trying to conceive blog, but I can’t possibly be the only woman out there who buys baby stuff before she’s expecting. If you’re like me (someone please say yes) then you might feel a little embarrassed about your premature purchases. You may buy things under the guise of “gifts for my friend” or stash the goodies in the back of your guest room closet, onesies and swaddling blankets hiding in the darkness. That’s okay. You’re not alone. I’ve accumulated enough to make me second guess the need for a baby shower in the future. Seriously.

Walking through the baby aisles is slightly uncomfortable sans bump or baby on hip, but online shopping is discreet and just as rewarding. Enter Keekoo.

Keekoo is a specialty online boutique that offers unique maternity and newborn products up to 80% off from a wide variety of companies. On any given day, a handful of companies are featured offering a selection of limited quantity items at drastically reduced rates, but only for a few days and then the opportunities disappear. You’ve got to act quickly, and if you do you’ll likely be the only person you know with that product. What I love so much about this site is that I cannot find things of this quality, value, or uniqueness anywhere else.

If you aren’t the type to buy early for yourself, consider Keekoo for great gifts. You will be able to find something thoughtful without having to step foot in a baby store, saving yourself from those discouraging feelings. And you won’t have to worry about the recipient having to return your gift because she got three others just like it. Piece of cake! Keekoo gifts make all those showers and pregnancy announcements a little less painful. One note regarding gifts, buy early. Sometimes shipping can take a few weeks, but Keekoo has addressed this and it has improved greatly.

Here are some of the items I’ve purchased since their launch earlier this year:

Ocean Lily Maternity Jeans, Paid $26.99 (I want to wear these now!)

Udder Covers Porter Breastfeeding Cover & Gift Set, Paid $19.99 (Beautiful, useful set) 

Hot Milk Shimmer Angel Wing Camisole, Paid $32.99 (Worth every penny. Gorgeous!)

Pretty Pushers “I dream of sushi” Birthing Gown, Paid $14.99 (Pretty darn sexy and super soft)

LilleBaby Eurotote, Paid $29.99 (This carrier is awesome and multipurpose) 

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality given the low prices I paid. This stuff is nice! Keekoo does a great job choosing top-notch companies and products to feature on their site. I always look forward to what will become available next. Shhh. DH doesn’t need to know I keep such close tabs on them 😉

The keys to Keekoo success are:
1. Register on their website. It’s free and takes only a second. Register Here

2. Check emails and Facebook regularly for new featured companies, coupon codes, and freebies

3. Buy quickly (items sell out in a hurry and only remain in your cart for 15 minutes)

4. Refer friends ($10 bonus for each one!)

 Check Out Keekoo now! and let us know what you find 🙂 Happy Shopping!


And just for fun, here’s a picture of my guest room closet:

All of those bins are full of baby and maternity stuff. That’s just half of the closet…I think it’s fair to say I’m pretty well stocked. And obsessed. ~Sigh~ There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy to prepare us for our futures as mothers. XO!


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